SLS3 Fobic Suit: All-in-One Tri-suit & Speed-suit

The SLS3 Fobic suit is a tri-suit and a speed-suit that provides you with superior quality, perfect fit, performance benefits and the essence of racing apparel. This is intelligent race apparel.

The SLS3 Fobic suit is coated with teflon and imbedded with coldblack technology. Hydrophobic teflon coating repels water. The exceptionally breathable and lightweight custom materials provide maximum thermoregulatory and compressive effectiveness which leads to full prevention of fatiguing ripple effect for maximum speed! Coldblack coating helps keep you cool by reflecting sunlight and providing UV protection. Flatlock, clean finished seams offer ultimate comfort and durability. It is allowed in all WTC (World Triathlon Corporation) races, and you can wear this suit throughout the entire race or just for the swim per your preference.

The SLS3 Fobic suit is ideal for events such as the upcoming Tri-Factor series as it has fleece padding that can be used for cycling. Therefore, you save time changing from your speed suit to triathlon apparels.

SLS3 Fobic Suit (Men)Retail Price: S$368

SLS3 Fobic Suit (Men)

SLS3 Fobic Suit (Women)Retail Price: S$368

SLS3 Fobic Suit (Women)

SLS3 Fobic Suit

  • Teflon coating for less drag.
  • WTC legal
  • Coldblack technology coated for a cooler wear
  • Used Lycra Sport thread for durability
  • Used Xtra Life Lycra thread for anti-chlorine
  • The threads are knitted using warp technology. Warp knitted has better form retention, thus the over-all feel is relatively superior to its competition.
  • Flat lock stitching with anatomical cuts for better feel and comfort
  • Padded fleece for cycling
  • Made in the USA for consistent quality and superb workmanship


  • 10.5" inseam
  • Softleg finish
  • Bioactive, antibacterial tri pad
  • 17" YKK Back zipper with pull cord for added ventilation
  • Coldblack® technology - Sun Reflector - UV Protector

SLS3 Fobic Suit is retailing at Athlete's Circle.

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10th May 2012
Charlotte Lam
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