Exciting New Route for MILO Youth Triathlon 2014

Round up your friends and family members and start gearing up for yet another exciting round of the MILO® Youth Triathlon on 31 May 2014!

Enjoy up to 10% discount when you sign up during the early bird period, which is now open till 12 March.

Exciting New Route for MILO Youth Triathlon 2014

Safe New Route

A safe new route at Changi Beach Pack awaits participants aged 10 to 20 years old where they can challenge themselves mentally and physically in the swim, cycle and run segments of the triathlon.

What’s also new is the introduction of specialised triathlon clinics for participants to familiarize themselves with swimming in the open sea and practice transition into the cycle and run segments of the triathlon prior to the big day.

Both the event and triathlon clinics this year are organized by an experienced team from multi-sports organiser MetaSport.

Exciting New Route for MILO Youth Triathlon 2014

It’s About Overcoming Your Own Challenges

Through a non-competitive format where ‘Everyone’s a Winner’, MILO® Youth Triathlon seeks to inculcate life-long values such as perseverance, confidence, discipline and team-work. In fact, all participants who cross the finish line will receive a well-deserved medal.

Exciting New Route for MILO Youth Triathlon 2014

Categories For Athletes Young And Old

As Singapore marks the 20th anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2014, the Family Relay category by MILO® Youth Triathlon presents an ideal platform for families to bond and develop stronger ties through sports participation.
Besides Family Relay, there are three individual race categories – Junior, Intermediate and Senior – as well as Youth Relay.

The MILO® Youth Triathlon takes place on 31 May 2014. Early Bird Registration is now open until 12 March.

3rd Mar 2014

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  1. Alberta Summer Games triathletes, raced an Aquathlon this year in Lethbridge at Summer game as a team event. It was fast, etixcing and fun to watch. Apparently fun to participate in oh BTW YYC team won GOLD!

    2nd April, 2014 · Reply

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