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Trititude is an online magazine dedicated to Singapore's triathlon scene with a core focus on triathlon-related news – both domestic and regional. We are reaching out to more triathletes to join the family as contributors.

Who Can Join Trititude?

As long as you have a passion for triathlon and would love to share it with the community, we welcome you. We don’t require you to have any experience as an established writer or blogger. However, if you have a blog or some sample pieces of work, do share it with us.

Here are some types of writers we are looking for:

  • Triathletes (who participate in overseas races)
  • Triathletes (who take part in local races with an extensive triathlon portfolio)
  • Triathlon Coaches (who have invaluable training or racing advice to share)
  • Medical Professionals (who are well versed in sports medicine)
  • Photographers (not a triathlete per se, but a photographer with a specific interest in triathlon events)

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Contact us with a brief description of yourself along with your triathlon achievements (if available)
  • Attach URLs of your work or your website (if available)
  • Finally, suggest angles/stories which you’d like to contribute to Trititude

We are interested in forging long-term collaborations with our guest writers. However, it’s fine if you cannot contribute on a frequent basis.

If you can’t think of anything to contribute, you still can write in to us to say 'Hi'. We love to make new friends!


We can’t thank you enough for contributing to Trititude. As we work closely with many sporting brands and event organisers, we’ll be able to offer you some perks as guest writers. For now, these are just some of the benefits:

  • You will be acknowledged with a profile on Trititude linking back to your online credentials, i.e. Website, Facebook, Twitter.
  • An opportunity to showcase your triathlon portfolio to industry leaders (e.g. brands and organisers)
  • Receive recognition and appreciation from the triathlon community
  • Get free products to review if available
  • Get to know more triathletes and friends
  • There are more exciting benefits coming soon

Type of Articles

In order to maintain the quality of our articles, each article written for Trititude will need to correspond with our style and guidelines before it is published. As such, we cannot promise that all guest articles written will be published. Here are a few areas of interest that Trititude is looking at exploring:

Stories - If you have been travelling around to take part in overseas races, we would love to hear your stories.

Product Reviews - We receive a fair bit of gears from our sporting partners. That said, we need experienced triathletes to try them out and produce unbiased reviews that can be shared with the community.

Join Trititude

If there are other pointers that you think might suit Trititude or aren’t sure if the article you’d like to share is suitable, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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